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LoveGaia: Self Sustained Green Living

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LoveGaia: Matriarch Sovereign Nation Of Love

  • LoveGaia: A Matriarch Sovereign

A self recognized nation of people who will function harmonically in international waters, with many other nations. Focused on green life, and planetary enhancing methods of operation. Geared to benefit humanity, and the planet, while working parallel with other sovereign nations, and governments around the world. A global Co-operative.

Products of development, and areas of secure investment available to all investors. 

Self Sustained Cities of LoveGaia which produce and provide:
  1. Specialty Crops: Healthy Food 24/7 - 5 times the annual harvests
  2. Housing
  3. Jobs
  4. Education
  5. Amenities
  6. Life Centre
  7. Waste to Renewable Energy
  8. Purified Water
  9. Purified Top Soil
  10. Energy Credits
  11. Bio-Fuel, Syngas
  12. Investment vehicles
  13. Tax Shelters
  14. Tourism
  15. Import/Export
  16. Time Share
  17. SOP: Clean Up International Waters of Pollutants, and all toxic debris, while producing Energy - Biofuel - Syngas - Energy Credits
  18. Contaminated Land Donation to Non Profit: Clean up of ANY Contaminated Land/Garbage Dumps/Land Fills: Global
  19. Over 160 New Technologies, with access to over 10,000 patents in review for future use and implementation
  20. Cooperative with Non Profit/Profit based entities 


Created by Non Profit LoveGaia City

Created and designed by D. Sears: Matriarch - Artist/Designer - Humanitarian++
(Dedicated to John Lovelock, Edgar Cayce, and all Tsunami Victims Globally)

LoveGaia: The Cities Of The Future

Each LoveGaia City will house, feed, support, and provide unlimited energy to it’s people, and community. It is a self sustained environment, that produces fresh fruits and vegetables 24/7 year round, regardless of climate. They are a minimum of 5 acres each (255,000 SF), designed to sustain all weather conditions. With the ability to submerge itself beneath the ocean, in an event of a tsunami, in any region. Each city has the ability to create an enhanced tourism aspect as well. Allowing it’s people to generate money to enhance their culture, and regional ability to function as a community. A thriving mecca, and new wonder of the world, for any region on the planet.

A simplistic approach to construction, and design allows for a lower cost to build each city. All areas of devastation are first on our list of regions to develop their floating city. Allowing devastated regions to jump start their economy, cultural activities, tourism, housing, and food supply. Our Waste to Renewable energy technology will provide purified water, top soil, and energy credits which can be sold globally, to generate additional income for each city. (A Profitable Sector, within a humanitarian non profit plan)

All food is grown indoors, and is manually pollinated from within the city. Each city will have a bee hive sector, that will enable all cities to manually pollinate their specialty crops. Many Jobs will be created through the construction of the cities, and the continued internal operations which runs 24/7, with four work shifts of 6 hours each. A point system is in place, and designed to create the desire to travel, and visit other floating cities globally. All LoveGaia Floating Cities will enhance their own tourism aspects by regional desire, and the ability to be able to travel to other cities globally. There will also be a cooperative formed with all cruise lines to increase visitation of the cities.

The Green Self Sustainability allows for total autonomy, and the ability to function economically with in one year or less. The simplistic nature of the design, and structure allows for eco friendly standards to be applied, and implemented. Each LoveGaia Floating City will also have a Life Centre, which focuses on health and nutrition in a multi-dimensional level for all.

Each LoveGaia Floating City will include Specifically designed Grow Hubs, Waste to Renewable Energy Plant, Life Centre, Housing, Sports, Activities, and Amenities, Education Sector, (School), Day Care, House of Worship, Fresh Food Market, Helicopter Pad, and Ship Docks around the entire city.

Construction materials include 5000 Lb. Cement, (as used in the Liberty Ships, of world wars), Steel, Recycled Tires, and glass panels made from the bi-product of the Waste To Renewable Energy Plant. Silica Sand is produced from a Frequency Technology utilized by the plant. Additionally the frequency technology is able to provide a solution to mining locations, (at the same time), in which all precious metals can be extracted from a coal mine (for example) all at the same time, while cleaning the surrounding environment. Hence the bi-product of silica sand being produced as a constituent of materials which will be used to make the durable glass panels needed for the Grow Hubs, and portal windows within the housing, and various structures, on the LoveGaia Floating Cities.

Each LoveGaia Floating City will have Wave Breakers, specifically designed to combat rough seas. Should a threat of a tsunami occur, the City has the ability to submerge itself, to avoid possible damage, and catastrophe. Thus allowing each Nation, or Sovereign to sustain themselves indefinitely. The center of each City is the main tower which by satellite receives all phone, television, and Internet signals, allowing for uninterrupted operation.

Each LoveGaia Floating City, is anticipated to be a New Wonder Of The World, prompting major tourism aspects, and reinstalling social disciplines which have recently diminished due to economic collapse. Providing a sound, productive method for people to feel comfortable, safe, and happy, as well as enhancing their own abilities to develop as a thriving community, and self sustained Nation.

We firmly believe this solution will allow all Nations/Sovereigns to develop exponentially, allowing for rapid advancement which is indicative.

All LoveGaia Floating Cities will be subsidized in cost, by Energy Credits produced, and Tourism aspects which will be self supporting, affording each Nation with the ability to repay the cost to construct each city. The production of Energy, Energy Credits, and Tourism aspects far exceed the initial cost to build each city. A method allowing each Nation to be in the black, and operate with an enhanced ability from the start.

International Target areas include, The Kiribati People, Haiti, Indonesia, Africa, as well as some other regions who have no ability to function presently, or provide their people with the necessary basics needed in life. Our Global Plan starts with (5) Five LoveGaia Floating Cities, tethered to these locations specified. Although each City does have the ability to travel, that will be at the discretion of the Nation who owns, and operates it. The LoveGaia Floating Cities have the ability to visit other Nations to provide global assistance if needed.

Each LoveGaia Floating City can be built on land, or sea whichever is desired by Sovereign Nations indicative of their particular needs, and concerns for their region. Broadened marketing, and advertising will be implemented, and all Cities will be broadcast live across the Internet 24/7, print ads, web sites, TV, Radio, and various high traffic locations will be utilized for an expanded advertising campaign. Formulation of this synopsis, would be considered Phase 1. Phase 2 would be for hiring the work force, and recruiting from the women’s shelters, and Social Services locations, as well as the general public.
Notice: This is Officially Copyrighted Material. Aug 2011 D. Sears  Any attempt to reproduce, copy, rewrite, distribute, any of it, it's contents, concepts, or part of plans is prohibited, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

For further details on this plan please contact D. Sears, Founder/Pres./Dir. of MotherGoddessEarth a Matriarch Faith Based Group, and Humanitarian US Non Profit Corp. For The Good Of The Many...516-847-2209

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Written - Created - Designed by D. Sears, Artist/Designer/Founder of Non Profit Global Plan.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2011
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D. Sears
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Business Strategist/Humanitarian

Matriarch Church and  Non Profit Corp.
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